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T-Shirts Designed by WDsoft Pune

Branding is one of the key aspects to boost your business and nothing works better than a brand logo sported on a garment. Many companies are now going digital but yet they yearn for a physical medium to promote their brand. There is no better way to do so but to put your brand logo onto garments. We at WDsoft Pune understand this aspect of branding and also have the sound knowledge to translate brand artworks perfectly onto a garment.

Business LOGO in T-Shirt

Having your own style and design is one of the great ways to stand out from the competition. Another aspect to add to your brand is having your original designs carry your logo. Custom logo design work great to provide you with an identity. You can also have your employees wear printed t-shirts to serve as ambassadors for your company.

Ideation and Design

WDsoft Pune comprises of individuals that have decades of experience in designing custom t-shirt and fabric graphics for businesses, groups, and individuals. We thoroughly understand client’s background, product or service and come up with the best possible design that will represent them well. We have experience with creating unique designs for all type of clients such as retail, hotels, adventure clubs, schools, and companies.

Our T-Shirt Design Case Studies

The World of T-Shirt Graphic Designing

WDsoft Pune help engage your consumers by providing customized fabric design on various type of t-shirts such as a round neck, v neck, collared, sweatshirts, sportswear, and more. We also specialize in designing logos for caps, flags, promotional dresses, and other various fabrics.

Our unique approach

At WDsoft Pune Creative Agency, we understands how important it is to create a t-shirt design that not only looks great digitally but can also translate perfectly onto a garment like a t-shirt. With a specialized team of graphic designers we craft the best possible custom designs for your business. Our unique approach allows companies to start small and work their way up to help lower the risk if they are a start-up brand.