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Importance of Visiting Card

As an accomplished branding agency in Pune we know that a visiting card is like the proverbial first impression that can create lasting business relations for you. It plays an instrumental role in helping you establish a connection with all those you come in contact with. A visiting card may well be called an extension of a personal touch that can be a start of fruitful business relations.

It would be no exaggeration to say that promoting your business becomes easier and more communicative with the simple, yet effective gesture of sharing a visiting card.

A visiting or business card has traditionally been a trusted and popular medium for business houses aiming to connect with potential clients, stakeholders, customers and others. It conveys precisely what you want your target groups to know and appreciate about your business. It is a valuable tool not only for business houses but also for individuals going along solo.

Having designed captivating visiting cards for a plethora of clients across all verticals we at WDsoft Pune have come to understand the full potential of a simple visiting card.

A well-designed visiting card can help you make a lasting impression in the minds of all those who have them. Investing in a resourceful visiting is bound to be a rewarding step in your part. If you want your business to get noticed, getting a striking visiting card is sure to work.

A visiting card, as we know, is usually a part of formal meetings, and serves as a great form of marketing. The objective of sharing it with others is to build your identity in the mind of its recipients so that they know how and where to reach you. A visiting card typically contains details like your name, logo, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, fax number and business website. If your company has a slogan, don’t forget to make that also a part of your visiting card.

What Visiting Cards are all about Today...

We live in a global world, where boundaries are blurring and cultural, linguistic, psychological or social dimensions are disbanding. Visiting cards and business cards of today are an apt reflection of that. Innovativeness and multiplicity are the hallmarks of a visiting card of the modern world. A glimpse into the trends defining designing of visiting cards today reveals interesting patterns. For instance, very often you’ll see information printed on them in English on one side and in the local language on the other. Their structure, design and layout also stand out for inventiveness and fresh appeal. Visiting card designers at WDsoft Pune no more limit themselves to traditional parameters while designing them.

A renowned name like WDsoft Pune, expert in visiting card designing and printing services in Pune, will help you get that perfect visiting card that can take your business to new heights. WDsoft Pune is the destination to head for if you need a visiting card that illustrates the core of your business brilliantly

WDsoft Pune’s Visiting Card Design Methodology

Visiting card is a pretty ordinary marketing collateral but at WDsoft Pune we turn this ordinary visiting card into a powerful branding medium with affluent graphics

We are positive and confident we can make your visiting card look really effective and help you achieve its purpose. We adhere to all the relevant points that are necessary to attain that. We believe it begins with knowing who the target audience is. Once we consult on the same with you, we apply all our skills while incorporating the right mix of creativity and the systematic approach of our own.

Here are some of the important things we work around while designing what you need:

Current Trends in the Market: We take into consideration what others in the market are doing and innovate in our own way accordingly.

Ideal Layout, Structure and Design: We chalk out the layout of the Visiting Card which involves placing all the points like company name, your name, logo, contact information, tagline if any, and also a brief description about your products or service.

heme, Colour Scheme and other Elements: We create a theme that best depicts your product or service for which we choose the right font, suitable colour combination, bordering and more.

Balance and Precision in Details: A visiting card should ideally carry crisp amount of information. We aim at including the most important and relevant details which ensure all the important elements are included on your visiting card.

Mention of Awards and Certifications: If you have won an award or secured a prestigious certification that’s very important for your business, we insert a mention of that as well.

Profile of Projects Undertaken by Us

We’ve created visiting cards for the following services and industries: